Researcher, DIY enthusiast, and early-stage entrepreneur, dedicated to applying a technical touch to archaic systems.

Occasionally, I work on futuristic projects and participate in innovation competitions and hackathons, some of which have led to amazing opportunities.



Teaching & Articles

YouTube Series:
Drones + Custom Vision

Building Custom Vision models using data from drones to count and classify trees.  Overview in Colab, Streamlit, and CLI.


UBC-Rogers 5G campus: Digital Twins in Emergency Rooms

Building a digital twin system at an ER. IoT + Wearables + Custom Vision + Cloud + 5G.  

UBC-Rogers 5G campus: Natural assets

Internet of Things/Embedded ML cloud solutions In Urban Forestry over the 5G Network at the University of British Columbia. Monitoring Soil and Tree conditions on campus. 

Talking Trees

Would Conversational AI and bots make talking to tree more natural?  

Technology for Inclusivity

Using AI (custom vision on raspberry pi) to detect whether buildings are accessible to people with disabilities. Using Microsoft (CustomVision.ai) and GCP.

agri 5

Agriculture: Microsoft AI for Earth

Hardware-AI integration to increase plant production quantity and enhance quality.

car sharing 1

Shared Mobility – Smart Parking

Smart parking sensors, that detect whether parked cars are EV or not, connect with EV-based car sharing app to promote reducing emissions.

iot health 6

Reduced ER Wait-Times – IoT In Healthtech

Hardware/software integration to connect patients' wearables and medical history to assess urgency and generate reports for primary care physicians/medical staff.


Edge AI: camera traps for the conservation of wildlife

Custom trained an object detection and classification model on 17 animals. The model was converted to a TFLite model to run on a RPi, along with several real-time features on Azure and a TensorFlow model running on a webapp.

Microsoft Discover AI - Microsoft Learn challenge

AI applications in projects related to smart cities, healthcare, government, education, etc.

av 2

The Future of Mobility - Zero Collisions - Zero Emissions

Designs for implementations to address federal and provincial Zero-Emissions and Zero-Collisions initiatives by redesigning Canadian roads/infrastructure to become more inclusive to autonomous vehicles. 

surrey 25

Smart Public Parks – City Of Surrey

Capstone project with the City of Surrey, where we installed sensors to quantify indoor and outdoor facilities' usages patterns.

Contact Tracing - GDPR Friendly

Contract Tracing is instrumental to back track significant interactions throughout the day. Whether to track patients' whereabouts within a medical facility or logging timestamps for construction workers, Privacy should never be a secondary concern.

AI in Education

AI application in Education (part of the Microsoft Learn Challenge). Some research applications in Text summarization (BERT), DeepFake, DNN text-to-speech, and generating multiple choice questions from content using AI.

AI in Healthcare

One of many applications in integrating IoT and AI for healthcare solutions. Wearbles technology connected to a recustomized stress tracking app for frontline workers and health workers. 

energy 10

Energy Optimization Platform

Utilizing hardware-AI integration to connect and optimize energy generation, storage, and consumption patterns. 

AI in Government: incentives to popularize EVs in Canada

Two AI applications: Use CustomVision to custom build a classification and object detection model to detect whether a parked car is an EV or not, and sending a discount for EV drivers. QnA Maker to create a custom-engaging chatbot to automate FAQs for some government services related to EV rebates. 

Microsoft Hackathon 2020: ML for Computational Pathology

Deep learning for pattern recognition, classification, and instance segmentation in Uterine Cancer pathology slides

Machine Learning in Fashion: Classification and Image Segmentation

Mask RCNN and YoloV3 models used for clothing categories classification and instance segmentation of clothing articles. 

microfluidics 2

Microfluidics System Design- CTC

Project: design a microfluidics system to detect circulating tumour cells during metastasis.

3d 13

Additive Manufacturing: Single Step Fabrication Process of a MEMs Accelerometer

Design a single step fabrication process of a MEMs accelerometer to be fabricated using additive manufacturing (custom fused deposition modeling with around 100μm resolution). 


Tech-E Project - Supermarket Customer Behaviour Analysis

Tech-E is a combined capstone project among engineering and business students. Project overview of pilot implantation with a Canadian national supermarket chain.  

iot health 5

Machine Learning/Predictive Analysis for Recurring MI and CA

Program to estimate the probability of patients incurring or recurring myocardial infraction (MI) or cardiac arrest (CA) based on training data including patient history file and normal ECG signals.

phantom CT scan 6

Imitating Breathing and Heart Beats During CT Scans -- Auto-detect Tumours in CT Scan Images

Build a translucent lung/ heart phantom that induces signal patterns similar to those of breathing and heartbeats’. Use image analysis tools to detect tumors in CT scans. 

EV 3

Electric Car Rebellion: Converting Conventional Car to an EV

Personal project to convert my brother's Honda Fit into an electric vehicle. Then install sensors to map out air quality and emissions throughout the city.  

Thesis projects

An overview of some of the research projects during my studies. Microfabrication of 3D optical sensors in Silicon, and integration of different types of sensors in several applications.

Autonomous Electric Fleet Remote Management in Public Transportation

IoT architectural design to remote control and monitor a fleet of autonomous shuttle busses for public transportation, with constant updates about shuttles' health (hardware analysis) in real-time.

Special thanks to the most amazing people I've met and worked with on exciting projects from almost every corner of the globe!!