Additive Manufacturing: 3D Printing MEMs

Single Step Fabrication Process of a MEMs Accelerometer- Fused Deposition.

The goal of the project is to use additive manufacturing to fabricate a 3D accelerometer in a single step, where no post-processing or assembly is required.


- Additive manufacturing: print g-code design files in a single setup
- Significantly less complicated compared to Si-microfabrication's multi-step processes
- The single step fabrication process requires no post-processing. Devices are read-out compatible.
- This 3D accelerometer design requires no assembly after printing, and can be directly printed/connected to a circuit board.

Cost effective

- Doesn't require the facilities (lab space and equipment) that are used in Si-based processes.
- Less materials. Devices can be fabricated using metals or other conductive materials, instead of using Si wafers, and associated processes (etching, passivation layers, photoresists, and other materials and solutions)


- Takes minutes to hours to fabricate devices from scratch to fully operational devices
- On the other hand, Si-based microfabrication's may take up to days and weeks to fabricate a batch of devices


Printed samples: (pictures of printed design will be uploaded soon).