Teaching Assistant:

Undergraduate courses:
- Semiconductor Device Physics
- Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication (Hands-on Microfabrication lab inside a clean room)

Graduate Level:
- Integrated Circuit Technology (Hands-on Microfabrication lab inside a clean room)

Advisor for capstone projects:

Advised several students (from engineering and business) for their combined capstone projects, where the goal is to have an engineering project that could potentially become a startup. We piloted projects with cities and with a chain of a Canadian national supermarket. More details are in the projects section.


Training sessions for high school teachers on renewable energy at EnergyVille, Belgium.


Currently working with 2 NGOs in Belgium and with a few large tech companies towards providing educational tools to underrepresented minorities in tech, including women and youth from disproportionate socioeconomic groups, in order for them to develop the skills required by tech companies and the job market.

MolenGEEK and Girleek are NGOs in Brussels, Belgium. Their objectives revolve around providing access to educational tools for underrepresented minorities in tech. Please consider contributing to their causes!