Augmenting CT Scanners

Additional Tools: Easier Calibrations and Post-Scan Processing Analytics


- Build a radiation-translucent device to imitate breathing and heart beats patterns, that can be used to calibrate CT scanners.

Normalize the calibration process for CT scanners, instead of calibrating scanners prior to each patients' session.

- Use image analysis tools to detect tumours in CT scans, as a precursor to using ML/predictive analysis to auto-detect tumours during CT scanned images or post-processing steps.

Utilize predictive analytics for the fast/accurate detections of anomalies in scans, leading to early detection or prognoses

- Early detection (of cancer) is vital to increase the chances of successful treatment.

Graphical User Interface to manually generate heart/lung signals or upload a signal to the connected microcontroller:

phantom CT scan 1

GUI to connect to an Arduino microcontroller: Upload manual or pre-generated signals to imitate a breathing pattern.  

phantom CT scan 2

GUI to connect to Arduino microcontrollers: Upload manual or pre-generated signals to imitate a breathing and heart beats patternw.  

phantom CT scan

All materials are to be made of radiation translucent materials including, conductive polymers and carbon fiber, and fitted into a CT scanner calibration phantom. 

Demonstration (Lung and Heartbeat signals)

Tumours detection in CT scan images